• Family owned and operated Alberta Company

  • Our advantage begins with solid relationships and accountability

  • Company wide dedication to training and developing new skills

The team at Mehlsen Energy Project prides ourselves in transparency when it comes to safety on every project while the leadership stay committed to our core values. Consistency and reliability are foremost in all operations.


A team with years of experience, we are an Energy Service provider. Mehlsen Energy Projects provides quality maintenance services, new well-set ups, facility construction, and pipeline construction. We also have crews that have an in-depth of experience in reclamation services and pipeline integrity.

Mehlsen Energy Projects is confident we are the best contractor to complete a project on-time and within budget and to all safety standards.

  • New oilfield pipeline and process facility construction.
  • Pipeline and facility maintenance
  • Snow removal, well site and road grading
  • pipeline abandonments, integrity digs and pipeline repairs.
  • piping modifications for ABSA (process piping).

COR Certified

Continuous improvement through:

  • monthly meetings
  • annual internal audits
  • external COR

Quality Control

Quality control at Mehlsen Energy Projects has built a distinct process by which every project is reviewed in detail with the quality of all factors involved in new construction and maintenance and in every other area of our operations.


Oilfield construction solutions for Alberta and Northern BC


We place the right people in the right positions.

Our team is proven in every aspect of our company delivering results.

Team Performance

Constant training and team work unification are ongoing.

At Mehlsen Energy Projects we only employ the industry’s most professional, competent and talented personnel in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Continuous Improvement

With our industry constantly changing and improving we are always on the top of new technology.

Our work flow in all areas of our business while maintaining stable and consistent growth.


Partners in the Oil & Gas Pipeline and Construction system with total compliance and solutions in every area.

We look forward to an opportunity to supply our services to your company

Our leadership team

With the proven success of the Mehlsen Energy Projects leadership team is always in high morale, good employee retention, and sustainable long-term success which ensures every project is handled with the utmost care



    Manager of Mehlsen Energy Projects brings his youth and enthusiasm to a new and emerging global market since 2001.

    Brent constantly strives on ensuring his team will excel and being on the top of the new project in all the Oil & Gas Pipeline and Construction industry they specialize in